INSEADビジネススクール JAY KIM先生からのメッセージ



Jay Kim先生から、モーハウスについてこんなコメントをいただきました。

Jay Kim 先生のプロフィールはこちら

実は、ワークショップで、モーハウスをケースにビジネスパーソンの皆さんが議論という貴重な機会があり。その発表の後、先生からいただいたメッセージです。(なんと、先生のホームページを見ると、ご専門はEntrepreneurship and Family Enterprise〔起業家精神と家族企業〕!)


I find your(Mo-House)  product fascinating. I don’t know why it is not widely adopted. I could see a lot of potential in your nursing clothing line. It clearly solves a pain point of many mothers. Mothers use breast pumps and bottles to prepare for milk when they go out (or travel) with their baby. It involves several steps, and it is clearly not as good as breast feeding (no bond between the mother and the baby; the milk gets cold). Also, if they need to feed their baby outside home, they need to find a place to do so, which is often difficult. Your product solves these important pain points, creating values—convenience, time-saving, allow better interaction with a baby, and freedom. It also empowers mothers, and your nursing wear is also fashionable. Your product has great value propositions.

Also, I think the environment is conducive to your business. There is a strong feminism movement at the moment, and many companies are trying to empower women and mothers. I think this could present you great opportunities. In particular, I think your products could be very popular in European countries. 

Your current value proposition is fine, but a potentially interesting value proposition could be “Empowering Mother”. Breast feeding is often considered an act that you should do in a private place, hiding from others. But your product empowers mothers. The photo of several mothers feeding their babies together is a powerful image of female empowerment. 

Your product is a really perfect example of Blue Ocean Strategy! With a proper marketing and target segments, I do think you have an excellent opportunity to create an impact.

Ji-Yub (Jay) Kim

INSEAD | Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise

お母さんにも力を与えてくれますし、授乳服自体もおしゃれです。この製品には大きな価値があります。 また、現代の世の中の流れにも合っています。
これは貴社に素晴らしい機会をもたらすと思います。特に貴社製品はヨーロッパ諸国でとても人気が出ると思います。 現在の価値提案は問題ありませんが、潜在的に興味深い価値は「母親のエンパワメント」かもしれません。


Ji-Yub (Jay) Kim/ Inseadビジネススクール准教授